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10 Cool Facts About the Spanish Language!

30 Jul , 2015  


1. With 329 million native speakers, Spanish ranks as the world’s No. 2 language in terms of how many people speak it as their first language. It is slightly ahead of English (328 million) but far behind Chinese (1.2 billion). 2. Spanish has at least 3 million native speakers in each of 44 countries, making […]

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10 Tasty Spanish Foods!

28 Jul , 2015  


1. Croquettes You can find Spanish a plate of croquetas in almost any restaurant or bar, each made to the establishment’s own recipe. It makes food comparison throughout Spain a delight, and not at all a bad idea for judging up a restaurant’s quality (hint: the traditional, scrubbed-down bars serve the best). While the creamy […]

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7 Band’s Music to Learn Spanish From!

23 Jul , 2015  


1. Amparanoia Her sometime-collaborator Manu Chao has said that Amparo Sánchez must have swallowed a microphone as a child, to have a voice like she does. And it’s true: her rich, powerful, bluesy voice is a pleasure to listen to, and a delight for language learners in its clarity. Amparo founded the group Amparanoia in […]

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5 Awesome Ways to learn Spanish!

21 Jul , 2015  


1. Be Patient Many Spanish teachers advise us that students expect to learn Spanish too quickly and subsequently get disillusioned when it doesn’t happen. Take your time and don’t expect to be perfect straight away. Learning a new language should be attempted in small, manageable steps. Congratulate yourself on progress made and try to steer clear […]

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Some Great Spanish Websites for Spanish Learners

14 Jul , 2015  

Mexican Souveniers

…Besides Real Deal Spanish of course. 1) Span¡shD¡ct Span¡shD¡ct is another of our top favorites. Other than your regular dictionary lookup, this one’s also rich in resources that are immensely helpful to every Spanish learner. For example, its articles on various aspects of the Spanish vocabulary, its word-of-the-day section, and a feature that lets you […]

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5 Common mistakes Made by Spanish Speakers

10 Jul , 2015  

Mexican Souveniers

1. Not using the present perfect This infamous mistake occurs due to the difference in sentence construction used in Spanish. When we’re talking about how long we have been somewhere in English, we say “I have been living in Ecuador for 3 years.” or “I have lived in Ecuador for 3 years.” However, in Spanish […]

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4 reasons to start studying Spanish today!

4 Jul , 2015  


1. You’d be able to speak with the nearly 500 million native speakers! Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world behind Mandarin. Now that’s a lot of people. You could be one of those Spanish speakers! Imagine being able to communicate with 12% of the global population. Talk about opening up […]

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5 Tips to Pick Up Spanish Faster!

15 May , 2015  


Check out these 5 tips to help you adapt to the Spanish language quicker than you have been doing. 1) Don’t expect to be perfect! Can you remember when learned to ride a bicycle? Did you ride perfectly from the first time you sat on the seat? When learning a new language, expect that you […]

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A List of Spanish/English Words!

16 Apr , 2015  


Check ‘em out! alligator = el lagarto = “the lizard” armada = armada = “armed” fleet of ships armadillo = armadillo = “little armored one” barbecue = barbacoa bonanza = bonanza = “prosperity” cafeteria = cafetería = “coffee store” cargo = cargar = “to load” chocolate = chocolate = “hot water” coyote = coyote fiesta […]

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How I’m Fluent In 8 Languages – Interview With Olly Richards

10 Apr , 2015  


Real Deal Spanish caught up with Olly from and were very keen to find about how one actually should should go about tackling the rather small task of becoming fluent in EIGHT LANGUAGES! Here’s what Olly had to say. 1) What was the first language you tackled and why? I studied French and German […]

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5 Funny April Fool’s Day Pranks to Pull

31 Mar , 2015  


So slightly of topic, we thought we’d provide all of you keen Spanish learners with some great practical jokes you can pull on those closest to you. Check them out and let us know how they go.. 1. “Desktop Background” – This works especially well in an environment where less tech-savvy people are known to lurk […]

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Fluent in 7 Languages – An Interview With “The Irish Polyglot”

24 Mar , 2015  


We recently got the chance to interview someone we’re sure many of you may be aware of or have seen online. Benny Lewis is fluent in 7 languages and aims to help people feel confident in speaking another language, even if they’ve only just started learning. Benny say’s his mission in life is giving people […]

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5 More Ways to Pick Up Spanish Faster

20 Mar , 2015  


Use flashcards. One of the best tips we can give you is to make and use flashcards. Make cards that are small enough to easily carry with you, and write the English on one side and Spanish on the other. Be sure to ALWAYS have some cards with you. This way, you can capture “wasted” […]

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19 Mar , 2015  


A century ago, it would have been the stuff of science fiction. Using a machine to translate a foreign language into English? It would have sounded crazy. Today, though, it’s a reality. But not a perfect one. One problem with this technology is that there are so many different ways a word, phrase or sentence […]

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10 Top Youtube Channels For Spanish Learners

13 Mar , 2015  


1. thespanishblog’s Channel- It is safe to assume that is probably hard to find a personal native Spanish speaking tutor to provide daily Spanish lessons, but this is exactly what the Spanish Blog is. Laura Garrido Eslava uploads lessons on both YouTube and her personal blog that can help you master both vocabulary and pronunciation. […]

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Top 10 Spanish Tongue Twisters!

6 Mar , 2015  


Like to think you are confident in your ability to pronounce Spanish words? Well here are 10 sentences that may cause you to re-think your ability! 1) ¿Cuántos cuentos cuentas cuando cuentas cuentos? How many stories do you tell when you tell stories? 2) ¡Qué triste estás, Tristán, con tan tétrica trama teatral! How sad […]

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Top 10 Tips for a Fun Online Spanish Language Exchange

27 Feb , 2015  


1. Connect with real-life friends. The internet is cool and all, but sometimes it’s helpful to have friends in the outside world. Think about who you know. Ask friends and family members if they know anyone who might be interested in language exchange. Do you have a friend who is a native speaker? Distant Spanish-speaking […]