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4 reasons to start studying Spanish today!

4 Jul , 2015  

1. You’d be able to speak with the nearly 500 million native speakers!
Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world behind Mandarin. Now that’s a lot of people. You could be one of those Spanish speakers! Imagine being able to communicate with 12% of the global population. Talk about opening up some doors!

2. Learning a second language makes you better at multi-tasking.
Studies show that learning a second language can increase your ability to multi-task. Bilingual people can switch between tasks quicker and show high cognitive flexibility. Plus, it easier for them to deal with surprise situations. Want to get better at texting while you watch Netflix and check unexpected snapchats from friends? Well learn a new language and you’ll be a multi-tasking expert!

3. Spanish is a beautiful language and it’s fun to speak!
Spanish sounds beautiful aloud! It’s fun too, especially rolling your R’s or trilling your L’s. The sounds are so much different than English. Plus people will be amazed when you show off what you learned in Spain. people are always so impressed when they see someone communicate in markets or at restaurants while traveling. It feels good!

4. Spanish TV is hilarious and highly entertaining.
When in the US, it can be hard to find fellow Spanish speakers to practice with. So getting in the habit of watching Spanish TV to keep language skills fresh is a great idea. When you understand some of it, Spanish television is totally entertaining! The characters and situations of telenovelas and game shows are so over-the-top, you’ll find yourself laughing out loud regularly. Big thanks to Megan Arzbaecher at Languagecamp!

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  1. Norman Johnston says:

    I know a little Castellano, I want to improve my knowledge

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